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Margo & the Posters is the artwork of Margo Davis-Hollander.

Margo created her first botanical poster, Traditional Healing Herbs, while at Burlington College in 1984. She is inspired by nature, and as a teenager became immersed in it while traveling with the Audubon school during her last year of high school, visiting National Parks, camping nightly, and learning from naturalists. She studied with the renown Vermont herbalist Adele Dawson which expanded her knowledge of useful herbs.  Margo wanted to combine her interest in art, plants, herbs and food into a beautiful and informative format and thus began her unique style of posters.

She later studied art and graphic arts at Pratt and in Paris, and spent plenty of time dreaming, sketching and painting in her studio. Eventually she created her first series of 16 Botanical Posters  including titles such as Culinary Herbs, Wild Edibles, Chilies, Aromatic Herbs, Spices and many more which were distributed by Frontier Cooperative Herbs in Iowa.  Soon  the posters wound up in health food stores, cooperatives, physician and chiropractor offices, health resorts and yoga studios.  She created additional poster series with Wild Apple Graphics and eventually her work was licensed for  a wide array of products. Her posters were carried by such diverse outlets as Nordstrom's, Pier One, Country Curtains, Longwood Gardens, Sturbridge Village and dozens of other outlets.


In the late 1990's she decided to put aside her artist career and devote the next years to raising two delightful and spirited boys, now age 9 and 12.  While she played with a few sketches here and there, a few years stretched to more than a decade without even attempting to create a poster. As her boys grew up she was able to focus her attention on other endeavors.  This included the ongoing development of a wide array of practical wisdom teachings and practices for herself and others . 

Margo then became a life coach and teacher, combining her years of study. Recently she has become known for her soul mate attraction work, helping people find suitable partners through their own character development and personal transformation. Her coaching work includes creating well being for people through her Radical Self Care™ program and she teaches people how to achieve more happiness and prosperity by Partnering with the Universe. She has helped many people, especially women find their spouse with Soul Mate Attraction ( through personal coaching, classes and workshops. Her current workshop offering is the Women's Workshop of Soul Mate Attraction.

Most recently she has embarked on a renewed artistic adventure to design and paint new botanical posters in her unique style including the freshly minted Heirloom Tomatoes, Heirloom Vegetables, and Culinary Herbs. She will continue to make new botanical prints over the next few years.